Strelka wins gold at European Design Awards

Strelka Institute has won the prestigious prize in the ‘Branding: Printed Identity Applications’ nomination.

The design of the Strelka Summer program 2017 received gold at the 2018 European Design Awards. Every year the Institute's design team creates a new identity design for the series of public educational and cultural events that take place at Strelka from May to September.

Strelka Institute CEO Varvara Melnikova, Strelka art director Anna Kulachek, and Strelka design manager Alya Datiy at European Design Awards ceremony

Last year the team designed a simple and flexible style that could be easily applied to any medium – posters, videos, installations, postcards, or invitations.

“Summer events take place almost every day and each one needs a poster – that was the starting point of the identity design,” said Strelka’s art director Anna Kulachek.

“It is based on the classic grid which in this case was turned inside out. We got squares which were distorted with different filters allowing us to adapt to a maximum amount of formats and events: lectures and panel discussions, film screenings and workshops, markets and parties,” she said.

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Strelka Summer 2017 identity design

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“Bright colors are what makes summer events stand out among other events at Strelka.”

The European Design Awards is an annual competition that brings together publishers, journalists, editors, and academics to evaluate and acknowledge the best examples of communication design on the continent. The awards were launched in 2007.

This year the Institute’s design team also made the short list of the Brno Design Biennale with the identity design of Strelka Summer and The New Normal educational program.

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