​Zaryadye Park wins ArchDaily’s 'Building of the Year' Award

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Author: Lynsey Free

Photographer: Gleb Leonov

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Zaryadye Park has been crowned the winner of ArchDaily's "Building of the Year" award in the category of "Public Architecture." Nearly 100,000 people cast their votes in the peer-based, crowd-sourced award.

The park was designed by Diller Scofidio + Renfro, the same architects behind High Line Park in New York City. It's the newest installation to be hosted in a historic area that was designated for the tallest of Stalin’s skyscrapers. The high-rise project was cancelled after Stalin’s death, making way for the Hotel Rossiya – the largest hotel in Europe until its demolition in 2007.

Its very existence is exciting for a city which hadn't seen a new public park be built in the last 70 years, but its varied offerings are also a pull for visitors.

Among those offerings are four zones representing Russia's varied terrain and climate zones, along with restaurants, gathering spaces, and a “wild urbanism” theme that combines city and nature.

Strelka KB managed the competition for the park in 2013 and played a major role its development, researching locations and conducting analyses to examine the economic and anthropological impact that it would have on Moscow.

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The winners of ArchDaily’s competition, which takes place every year, “showcase a wide spectrum of different types of building, giving an insight into how diverse the [architecture] profession has become in recent decades.”

Winners were also announced in the following categories: Best Applied Products; Commercial Architecture; Cultural Architecture; Educational Architecture; Healthcare Architecture; Hospitality Architecture; Houses; Housing; Industrial Architecture; Interior Architecture; Offices; Religious Architecture; Small Scale Architecture; and Sports Architecture. 

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