Russia’s standard housing concept design competition: Winners announced

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The winners of a high-profile architectural competition that seeks to develop new types of standard housing in Russia were announced at a forum in the city of Kaliningrad on Friday.

The Open International Competition for Standard Housing and Residential Development Concept Design was launched in October last year and received about 1,000 projects from 39 countries, including Italy, Japan, India, Australia, and the US. Twenty entries made it into the finals.

The contest was organized by the Ministry of Construction and the Russia Housing and Urban Development Corporation (DOM.RF), and was operated by Strelka KB.

Five finalists received 1st category prizes at the Living Environment: All About Housing forum on Friday; among them were TA.R.I-Architects (Italy), GRUPO H.d.o.o. (Slovenia), Escher (Russia), Plan B (Russia), and Archifellows (Russia).

They each received a €29,200 prize. Five other finalists were 2nd category winners, receiving €21,900 each, while 10 finalists received 3rd category prizes of €14,600 each.


low-rise residential area

GRUPO H.d.o.o. (Slovenia)

TA.R.I-Architects (Italy)


mid-rise residential area

Escher (Russia)

Plan B (Russia)


central area

Archifellows (Russia)

The competition’s participants developed housing designs for one of three urban scenarios: a low-rise residential area, a mid-rise residential area, or a central area. Each participant could develop up to four types of residential buildings. The entries were judged by the relevance of their concept and the solutions they offered, as well as their potential for application in different climates and the expected cost of construction and maintenance.

GRUPO H.d.o.o. and TA.R.I-Architects submitted projects for the low-rise housing category. ESCHER from Chelyabinsk and Plan_B from Yaroslavl developed solutions for the mid-rise category. Archifellows from Moscow was acknowledged for the best central project in an urban environment.

“The design concepts that we saw as a jury provide a real chance to reconsider current contemporary trends, for external building structure, and for apartment layouts as well. We’ve been guiding our contestants by the square meter price, and now we have to figure out the actual cost per square meter of living area — and then describe a standard apartment based on that. I think that following the results of such a major contest, we really can expect new housing standards,” said Alexander Plutnik, CEO of DOM.RF.

The international jury of the competition included famed architects, officials, and housing experts.

“I think that all projects were able to meet expectations of the jury,” architect Giovanna Carnevali, a member of the jury, said about the finalists. “Especially low-rise and high-rise, we found very interesting projects. With middle-rise it was a little bit difficult, but in the sense that we were searching for some kind of innovation.”

Photos: TA.R.I-Architects (Italy), GRUPO H.d.o.o. (Slovenia), Escher (Russia), Plan B (Russia), and Archifellows (Russia)

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