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Strelka alumni create virtual Russian Pavilion at Venice Biennale

, Art & Design

The first exhibition in the Virtual Russian Pavilion will open this Friday at the Venice Architecture Biennale, just 300 meters from the official Russian pavilion.

Guests will discover Free the Space through virtual reality glasses in Parco delle Rimembranze, next to Giardini – the biennale’s main venue, on May 25 at 6pm. The exhibition is "a critical manifesto for a free, independent, and open Russian Pavilion,” according to the organizers.

The Virtual Russian Pavilion is designed to be a free and open platform for events using virtual and augmented reality technologies. Concepts and participants will be selected during an international open call. Authors will present articles and research projects, and will participate in discussions on site.

The virtual pavilion was created by the independent group 🦁🦄(:lion:&:unicorn:), which now includes architect Maria Kachalova and six Strelka graduates from different years – Liza Dorrer, Karina Golubenko, Pekka Airaxin, Maria Kosareva, Ivan Kuryachiy, and Anton Kalgaev. Kalgaev was also one of the curators of the official Russian pavilion at the Venice Biennale in 2014. The group’s logo comes from the two symbols placed on the gates of the Russian Pavilion in 1914 by architect Alexei Shchusev.

The exhibition Free the Space was created in cooperation with consulting and research group Leverage.

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