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​Urban treasures hunt – Strelka institute’s workshop series

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The summer program of the Strelka institute is a specially designed set of workshops dedicated to the most basic and efficient methods of researching urban space.
Modern city and its infrastructure challenge the researcher with a difficult task of seeing the most important things and regularities in the course of urban routines and an endless flow of manifold information.

Modern urbanists are also facing the challenge of becoming the curators of city jungles, altering a territory’s essence without actually interfering radically in its physical appearence.

A series of four workshops under the general title of Urban Treasures Hunt will narrate consistently about the skills a modern researcher needs to possess : a beginner urbanist, an architect, a municipal deputy, an urban development manager, an artist or just not an indifferent citizen wanting to participate in the life of the city.

The presenters of the Workshops, the well-known architecture photographer Charlie Colkhaas in his photography workshop, Architects Theo Deutinger and Cuba Snopek in their mapping workshop, documentary film director Denis Klebleyev in his video workshop as well as an editor of a leading Moscow’s urban media in a workshop on texts will demonstrate how to see a city the way it really is, how to scrutinize its infrastructure, its demands, the life of city dwellers its paradoxes and how to bring the conclusions made in the course of the analysis to public attention.

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The participants in all the four workshops will hold their research sessions in Izmailovo, one of Moscow’s paradoxical and at the same time rather typical districts.

You may take part in each of the workshops or in the whole series of four.

A publication with workshop results will appear in one of Moscow’s leading urban media.

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