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Strelka kicks off 2018 Summer Program

Strelka Institute has unveiled details of various events planned for the summer. Among them are conferences about architecture and everyday life in Russia, lectures by famous creative professionals, and workshops and film festivals, as well as parties and World Cup-related events.

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Photo by Mikhail Goldenkov / Strelka Institute

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Photo by Mikhail Goldenkov / Strelka institute

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Photo by Mikhail Goldenkov / Strelka Institute

This summer, Strelka will host two film festivals. The first one, Beat Film Festival, Russia’s leading event for documentaries about modern culture, is in full swing right now. The festival also boasts the BrandBeat discussion program dedicated to the latest phenomena in advertising, such as branded content and brand ambassadors. The second, Strelka Film Festival, will show the best movies from the lineups of major global film festivals for the first time in Russia. The festival will be headed by Stas Tyrkin, who is a film reviewer and film critic, member of the Selection Committee of MIFF, program director of the ‘Dvijenie’ film festival, and curator of cinema programs at the Gogol Center.
In August, Strelka will hold the Contemporary Russia conference. Researchers from various fields such as marketing, HR and big data analysis, sociology, anthropology, economy, and healthcare will join their efforts to share the results of their studies on everyday life in Russia.
The Architect of the Future conference will last for two days in September. This event is aimed at professionals who want to keep track of key trends in architecture and learn more about future requirements for specialists working in the industry. This event will bring together famous practicing architects such as Studio Weave co-founder Je Ahn and the CEOs of the world’s best architecture schools, such as SCI-Arc, along with developers and city mayors. They will talk about the relations between architects, the business community, and the state. They will also discuss the basic needs of urban dwellers, what subjects need to be taught in modern architectural schools, and who will shape future trends in urban planning.

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Photo courtesy Beat Film Festival

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Photos courtesy Beat Film Festival

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Photo courtesy Beat Film Festival

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Photo courtesy Beat Film Festival

Another exciting event is Urban Anthropology 1+1, a series of four lectures and a workshop on anthropology-based methods in urban studies. Researchers from the Center for Urban Anthropology at Strelka KB will explain the specifics of various analysis techniques such as in-depth and group interviews, analyzing photos from social networks, observations and experiments, and how they help find the best solutions to urban problems.
As always, one can choose from a long list of informative lectures held constantly at Strelka. Among the speakers are Malcolm Harris, author of bestseller Kids These Days: Human Capital and the Making of Millennials, and photographer and reporter Tim Franco, who studies social change in highly-urbanized Asian cities and whose works are regularly published in The New York Times, the International Herald Tribune, and the Financial Times. We will be adding new speakers to the list in due course.
The six-week course How to Organize a Community by Vector online school offers 20 hours of online lessons, face-to-face workshops, five events featuring experts, and full-time online support to those who wish to bring people together based on shared values in order to tackle specific tasks. Participants will learn how to set goals for a community and develop a strategy to achieve them, as well as how to gather a team and work with volunteers. The program’s main expert is Karen Olson, a community organizer with 10 years of working experience in the US, Europe, and Russia.
Of course, Strelka won’t miss out on perhaps the most anticipated event of the year – the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. The highly anticipated games will be shown live on big screens, and will be accompanied by lectures and discussions featuring architects, stadium managers, football experts, and famous football players to examine the sport as a cultural phenomenon.

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Photo by Vladimir Medvedev / Strelka Institue

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Photo by Vladimir Medvedev / Strelka Institute

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Photo by Vladimir Medvedev / Strelka Instiute

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Photo by Vladimir Medvedev / Strelka Institute

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Photo by Vladimir medvedev / Strelka Institute

Apart from that, Strelka will celebrate summer with over 50 parties which will have DJs and live concerts, including Afisha Picnic Afterparty. It will also host Lambada Market, which will bring together 200 young Russian brands, a major ping-pong tournament, and many other exciting events.
Follow the latest news and updates, and sign up for the events at Strelka Institute’s website and on social networks: Facebook and Instagram.

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