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​Strelka Institute Research Archive: how does it work?

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"Research" is a new rubric that has been recently added to the website. All the final projects completed by our students throughout these four years are now in open access. Some of them can be downloaded as PDF files. Video-recordings of the presentations and materials published on ISSUU are also available.
Our research archive functions as a media-library and as a search engine for unusual data and statistics concerning Moscow and Russia. It is also an inexhaustible source of ideas for re-defining of Russian cities. All the projects are based on thorough studies of Moscow that combine approaches found in sociology, economics, politology and architecture. Some of them offer practical solutions for urban problems, others draw contemporary portraits of city districts and phenomenons: how to turn a commuter town into a cultural sight, how to create new public spaces or forge neighbour communities.
Each academic year is comprised of several Studios with individual themes that determine the direction of the research. We describe the theme of each year in great detail so that the users of the archive would find it easier to navigate the system and understand the context that gave rise to the research hypotheses.
About the programme: Every year 40 students study at Strelka. The outcome of the 9-month experimental programme consisting of seminars, lectures, master-classes and practical exercises is an individual research project conceived as a part of one of the Studios. All the projects deal with contemporary issues.

We have recently launched the new website. If you have any questions or comments about it, feel free to !