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Country Club by the Kyiv Sea

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Architects: YODEZEEN architects

Year: 2019

Location: Shelest, Ukraine

Shelest is located in a dense pine forest on the shores of the Kyiv Sea in a country club. The client was concerned with using environmentally friendly materials and sought to complement the purity of the surrounding nature. The main task of the YODEZEEN studio team was to convey the idea of the recreational complex.

The team developed the exterior design of two buildings: the restaurant and the reception area. Both surround a pool. The architects designed a lightweight (almost weightless) structure that complemented the existing spaces, while avoiding an extra-urban aesthetic. They achieved this by using visible structural trusses.

Pine of the same species that grows in the surrounding forest was chosen as the main construction material. Both the restaurant and reception area are made of these pine beams and resemble open birdhouses.

Photography: Yevhenii Avrame / Andrii Shurpenkov

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