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Nike launches major Moscow sports hub

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Brazilian legend Ronaldo attended the opening of the Nike sports center created by KOSMOS architectural firm and Strelka KB.

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Two days ahead of the FIFA World Cup opening, Nike has opened an expansive multifunctional sports center in Moscow’s most popular park. The opening on Tuesday was attended by the legendary Brazilian football player Ronaldo.

The 4,685-square-meter Nike BOX Msk is a joint project by KOSMOS Architects, a virtual architectural office with partners based in Geneva, Moscow, and New York City, and Strelka KB.

Located in Gorky Park, the sports hub includes an outdoor football court inspired by ‘korobka’ (box) – a small fenced football pitch that can be found in residential areas all over Russia.

“With the eyes of the world on football in Russia, I can’t think of a better time to open such an incredible sports facility,” Ronaldo said at the opening. “I know the passion and love fans have for the game and the launch of Box Msk will inspire the youth of Moscow to play more sport.”

Ronaldo at the opening of BOX Msk /

Strelka KB designed the functional model of the sports center, created the brief, and oversaw the entire process of construction. KOSMOS, which won the project competition organized by Strelka KB in 2017, designed the space.

Drawing inspiration from the aesthetics of prefabricated Soviet modernist housing and industrial outskirts, BOX Msk creates a comfortable and functional public space integrated into the city’s most visited park.

“The park has always been a magnet for sport and cultural expression and this is something we have actively tried to encourage,” said Marina Lylchuk, director of Gorky Park.

The sports center houses football and basketball courts, a running club base, and a training zone. The site anticipates offering 7,300 hours of sports classes in the first year.

This summer, it will host the Korobka Rebels football tournament, attracting more than 3,000 male and female players across U17 and U21 levels.

The space can also be easily used as cultural center hosting lectures, exhibitions, and workshops.

Earlier, Strelka KB participated in working out a development strategy for Gorky Park as a whole. The renewal concept is based on the idea of a park which reflects the urban rhythm of life, has many different functions, and develops according to a unified concept. Box MSK follows this logic of development and is in a position to become a new symbol for the park and for citizens.

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