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PIK Pavilion

Architecture firm: Masterskaya Be

Completion year: 2019

Project location: Moscow, Russia

PIK Pavilion by Masterskaya Be is a temporary summer pavilion for public activities.

In the winter of 2019 Masterskaya Be won a closed competition for the design of the summer pavilion hosted by the PIK real estate company. The concept of the pavilion is based on three aspects: its function, which includes sports and educational events; a facade that attracts visitors from the outside and protects inner space from bad weather conditions; and a curtain that allows to transform the space and create various scenarios for the pavilion's usage.

The pavilion has an area of 150 sq. m. and a height of 4.5 m. It was designed as a temporary construction that can be quickly mounted and dismounted and therefore fit smoothly in any new location.

The roof structure is supported by six pillars. Facade panels are mounted on a special structure.

The tent roof consists of six funnels connected to the drainage system inside the supporting pillars. This structure drains rainwater under the pavilion base.

The pavilion has a kinetic facade that is set in motion even by a light gust of wind.

The architects raised the facade from the ground and cut through two entrances to the pavilion.

A large double-sided curtain moves along the perimeter of the construction allowing to create a cinema inside the pavilion in the daylight hours and also protecting visitors from rain.

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The architecture of the pavilion is based on the company’s design code and identity. The entire interior is covered with orange rubber coating — orange is the corporate color of PIK Group.

The pavilion is designed as a transformable structure. There is also room for some equipment inside the tribune. As such, the venue adapts easily to any activities.

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An event program was created specially for the summer pavilion. These activities were aimed at educating people about quality living environments and their impact on city inhabitants. The program included film screenings, master classes, and lectures.

Photography: Leonid Sorokin

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