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Apartment with a Half-Arc

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Architects: SHKAF interior architects

Year: 2021

Location: Moscow, Russia

This 33m2 Moscow apartment is perfect for a young professional without a family. The goal was to create a highly multifunctional apartment while keeping the space open.

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The space is divided into two large areas. The first one—done in white, wood, and terrazzo tiles—includes the entrance zone, kitchen, and bed. At the entrance, there is a mirror and storage space. The second area, done in concrete, is more expressive and emotional.

The main element of the flat is the half-arc, which acts as a path between the two areas and gives the space a sense of dynamism and movement.

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There is limited use of decoration and textile materials, with the exception of an abstract painting by Dmitry Raspopov and a sculpture by Anastasia Prahoba.

Photography: Polina Poludkina

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