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Concrete Ceiling Apartment in Central Moscow

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Architects: SKNYPL​ + Stas Kozin

Year: 2019

Location: Moscow, Russia

This 50m² apartment is located within an eleven-story brick building in central Moscow. The apartment originally featured brick walls and concrete ceilings, so the architects tried to preserve this special textural combination.

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The kitchen, bathroom, and hallway floors were created using white micro-concrete. In the bedroom and living room, oak parquet floors were laid down.

The apartment’s total ceiling height is three meters; walls up to the level of the concrete beams were plastered and painted white, but the original brick masonry was otherwise left untouched.

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The living room, bedroom, and kitchen were joined together. If necessary, the bedroom can be isolated with a stainless steel wall. Two sliding glass doors were built into this wall, along with a projector screen, a jewelry cupboard, bookshelves, and a blue neoprene curtain.

To maximize free space in the apartment’s interior, two wardrobe rooms and a built-in closet were added.

Some of the furniture was created especially for the apartment in order to maintain a consistent aesthetic of the interior: the closet in the hallway, the coffee table, the dining table and the lamp above it, the chairs, the bed, and the metal shelves and clothes rack in the wardrobe room.

Photography: Anna Mikheeva / Polina Poludkina

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