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An Inn in the Serene Woods of Karelia

A hotel complex by a lake in northwestern Russia.

Architecture firm: RHIZOME

Completion year: 2020

Location: Vidlitsa, Republic of Karelia, Russia

Surrounded by forests, Tochka na Karte (Russian for “a point on the map”) is a hotel located in a remote location by Lake Ladoga in the Republic of Karelia in northwestern Russia.

The architects behind the project were inspired by the wilderness that surrounds the inn: a pine forest, a long sand beach, and a lake which is so big it resembles a sea. All of the architectural forms naturally blend into the surrounding environment.

The complex consists of fifteen small individual houses which are oriented towards the lake and the forest.

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The buildings are composed of modules, each of which consists of two parts. Every house has a terrace and a little sauna—an essential element of traditional Nordic recreation.

The houses also have varied canopies, some of which are integrated into the houses, while others are supported by thin pillars.

The architects designed four versions of the facades, which feature different surface textures. All of the houses are lined with pine wood, but every structure is a different shade.

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The facades partly consist of panoramic windows, allowing guests to fully immerse themselves in the serene sylvan environment and contemplate nature.

Photos courtesy of RHIZOME

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