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Future Architecture Call for Ideas 2021

The Future Architecture platform is inviting emerging, multi-disciplinary professionals from all over the globe to apply with transformative projects related to our built environments, and to present new work and ideas at the events forming the core of the 2021 European Architecture Program.

The Future Architecture Call for Ideas is a platform providing practitioners and conceptual thinkers with the opportunity to express their ideas and to be both seen and heard. This year, FA platform welcomes projects that address systemic change (prototypes and systems), site-specific cases (projects customized and adapted for certain contexts and tasks), and new alliances (cross-, trans- and multi-disciplinary projects exploring new design processes and methodologies).


Landscapes of Care

Landscapes of Care, the theme proposed by dpr-barcelona, chosen by the members of FA platform and further developed with CAFx, for the 2021 edition of Future Architecture Platform will explore the dynamics of solidarity and collective self-organization, the networks of trust at the neighborhood scale, and transitional common spaces and activities. This edition aims to trigger dialogues around the challenges of a society facing up to the myths of endless growth, the glorification of borders and national identity, and the hardships labeled as austerity by capitalism.


Who can apply

The call is open to emerging architects, landscape architects, urban planners, designers, engineers, artists, curators, people involved in architectural communication, and anyone whose professional work is focused on the future of architecture and living environments.

The applicants are encouraged to send in completed projects, or theoretical or conceptual propositions for spatial, social or cultural innovation, and to join the discussion surrounding Landscapes of Care.

Selected applicants will become part of the Landscapes of Care 2021 European Architecture Program, and will have the opportunity to develop their practice in cooperation with leading stakeholders from the field of architecture and design. The deadline to apply is January 6, 2021. The first chance for winning ideas to be presented will be in February 2021, at the annual Creative Exchange event, which will this year take place within the Future Architecture Rooms—an unconventional virtual environment for presentations, lectures and matchmaking.

Learn more about the call and apply.

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