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World Cup at Strelka: Exploring the cultural dimension of football

Strelka Institute launches a new public program that will look at football as a cultural phenomenon.

The Strelka Institute Football Program is a series of eight public talks and lectures that will take place during the World Cup and bring together football experts, stadium directors, designers, cyber bloggers, football players, and sports commentators.
As the most popular sport in the world, football is a catalyst for major changes in different spheres. Over 3.5 million of people are expected to attend the 2018 World Cup tournament.
During the lectures and public talks, participants will discuss how the World Cup changes the infrastructure of a city, how the design of uniforms can affect a country’s image, and why so many people watch FIFA video game livestreams.
“Many of us don’t even realize how the World Cup, as a cultural phenomenon, influences our lives. Fashion, internet technology, and even cites change after large-scale sporting events. I believe that throughout this public program we will able to show football from a different angle and even attract those who are not interested in this sport,” said Sasha Ovechkin, the curator of Strelka Institute’s Football Program.

The program includes the following events:

June 14 – ‘The Opening Ceremonies of Major Sport Events.’ Theater critic and journalist Alexey Kiselev will talk about the history of opening ceremonies and analyze how Russia handled it during the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi and how it will do so during the World Cup.
June 17 – ‘Who wears what?’ Denis Pak, director of sportswear chain Hispo, and Anzor Kankulov, professor at the HSE’s Faculty of Communications, Media and Design, will discuss what inspires football uniform designers and what technological breakthroughs have been adopted by the mass market.
June 28 – ‘Interactive Football Championship is a Reality.’ EA Sports Russia Director-General Tony Watkins, cyber blogging expert Alexander Senatorov, and two-time winner of the FIFA Electronic Sports World Cup, Sergey Nikiforov, will discuss what happens to the game industry now and how to become a successful streamer.
June 30 – ‘How to Watch Football in the 21st Century.’ Sports media experts will discuss whether match streams will attract the same amount of viewers as TV broadcasts and whether football fans are ready to watch matches on smartphone screens.
July 3 – ‘The History of Football Culture.’ The co-founder of the Faces & Laces exhibition, Dmitry Oskes, explains what ‘British style’ is, and why it’s so popular among football fans. He’ll also discuss the history of football culture and how it influences subcultures.
All of the events are free of charge, but registration is required on the Strelka Institute website. The language of the lectures is Russian.
The most important matches of the World Cup will be streamed in the Strelka courtyard, gathering football fans from all over the world. The broadcast schedule is available on the Strelka Bar Facebook page.
Strelka Institute Football Program is supported by Levi’s.

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