A look at one of Moscow’s best offices

Go inside state-of-the-art offices in the Russian capital that were nominated for the Best Office Awards 2018.

The Best Office Awards 2018 ceremony will be held on May 31 in Danilovsky Event Hall at the Business & Design Dialogue 2018 forum in Moscow. This international ceremony in the field of designing business spaces and public interiors has been held annually since 2010. Prizes are given to winning architects, as well as their clients.

The jury is composed of international experts, including architects, office property consultants, developers, administrative directors, project managers, and general contractors. Over 100 projects from Russia and abroad have been nominated.

The categories are: layout, brand and image, comfort and ergonomics, lighting design, design idea, business center atrium, business area in public interior, foreign project, best regional project, environment and infrastructure of a business center or business district, office renovation, “the third place” (coworking spaces, business clubs, mini-offices), agile office, price and quality, People’s Choice Award, and the Grand Prix.

Strelka Mag takes a look at three of the nominees.



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Leading Russian telecommunication company

Construction: 2016-2017

Total area: 40,000㎡

Architectural firm: UNK project

The management of MegaFon decided to group all of the divisions of the company and subsidiaries into one office consisting of more than 40,000 square meters across two towers. The focus was on functional zoning and facilitating employee flow between floors. The theme of the design is "Russia is a big country,” reflecting Megafon’s mission to unite the nation and bring people closer together. The office floors are named after the cities which host MegaFon’s main locations.

The names of real streets, squares, and parks from Vladivostok to Moscow are also included. Every design detail is about the urban environment – exposed brick walls, asphalt or lawn-like flooring, downspouts, telephone booths, traffic lights, and pedestrian crossings.



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Global corporation that creates advanced technologies, software, and services for professional construction

Construction: August - December 2017

Total area: 3,000㎡

Architectural firm: OFFCON

The idea was to create spaces for collaboration, coworking, negotiation, and informal zones, which were previously lacking. All departments were grouped into a new office which is around 3,000 square meters and spread across two floors connected by two spiral staircases at opposite ends of the floors. They were designed in the form of red cylinders made from fine metal mesh (the prototype being the red diamond bit for drilling concrete). Holes of over three meters in diameter were made using Hilti technologies and tools, which is why the architects chose to design the ambitious and unique staircase.

The color palette is gray, white, and red. The architects wanted to recreate the feel of a construction site, hence the concrete surfaces, elements of untreated metal and mesh, and the concrete reception desk with a huge embedded metal I-beam.

Each floor has meeting rooms and teamwork areas in the center, as well as workspaces and desks on both sides with a 180° view of the city. All working tables are equipped with a lifting mechanism, which allows for positioning changes throughout the workday. To eliminate hierarchy, all departments work together. The offices of the subdivisions’ heads were executed very modestly, using the same materials as the common space.

Several coffee areas and print zones are evenly distributed to optimize logistics. The office is equipped with a library, a gym, showers, lockers, and a massage room. The ceiling is made of sound-absorbing materials and a sound masking system for employees’ comfort and concentration.


Moёt Hennessy

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Member of LVMH group

Construction: 2016-2017

Total area: 1600m2

Architectural firm: ABD architects

The priority was on employees’ comfort, creating a “cozy” space that would make them feel at home. The entire company is grouped on one floor of 1,600 square meters. There are coffee areas for employees in each section.

Architects were inspired by the authentic and stylish loft atmosphere of the Bolshevik BC. They decided to keep and show off structural elements including metal beams and frames and open brick walls and ceilings. The reception desk is made of light wood and white stone. The bar design was made by ABD architects in cooperation with famous sculptor Nikolai Polissky, using the same materials as the rest of the office – wood and gray stone. Ropes which were manufactured by special order exclusively for this office are used to suspend lights in waiting areas. The overall look is elegant and minimal.

Photos: Noemie Baumann

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