The First National Architectural Competition is announced started in Russia

On the 7th of March, the First National Architectural Competition started in Russia. The goal of the competition is to create improvement design projects in key public spaces of 15 cities in Russia. The competition takes place with the support of the Ministry of Construction Industry of the Russian Federation and is organised by the Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending (AHML) and Strelka KB. Architects may offer ideas of public spaces improvement for the following cities: Astrakhan, Vladimir, Vladikavkaz, Volgograd, Izhevsk, Kaluga, Kemerovo, Lipetsk, Stavropol, Ryazan, Tomsk, Ulyanovsk, Khabarovsk, Cheboksary, Chelyabinsk. On the 18th of April, the enrollment comes to an end. Finalists will be identified in late April. Though the competition is held in Russian language, anyone may take part.

The competition was opened by: Mikhail Men, Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation; AHLM Director, Alexander Ploutnik; CEO Strelka KB Denis Leontev and Strelka KB partner Daliya Safiullina / Photo: Mark Seryy / KB Strelka

The jury will choose winners for each city. The jury panel is represented by high-rank members of the Ministry of Construction Industry, representatives from AHML, from behalf of regions it is administration representatives, architecture and town planning experts — those who are well familiar with specifics of their hometown.

The prize fund is 12 million rubles in total. The finalist who offered the best idea according to jury earns a 400 000 rubles reward and a contract to develop his design project. The second and third place winners gain 300 000 and 100 000 rubles respectively. Architects who took the second and third places also get an opportunity to design other key spaces in a city. Thus, within next few years, 15 cities will acquire up to date downtowns, new places of attraction for citizens, investors and tourists.

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