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Join Strelka’s The New Normal postgraduate program 2018/19

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The admission cycle for the third and final year of the The New Normal program is launching on August 27, followed by the “We Have Always Been Posthuman” event featuring a series of lectures by Benjamin Bratton, Mark Wigley, Beatriz Colomina, and Strelka alumni.

The New Normal is a tuition-free postgraduate educational program structured as a three-year speculative urbanism think-tank for the invention and articulation of a new discourse and new urban practice models. During the intensive five months starting at the end of January, 30 students will work in small teams to research and develop original speculative urban interventions and platforms. Projects will include spatial and architectural proposals, but the Strelka program also emphasizes software, cinema, and strategy as valid and relevant urban design outputs.

The application period for 2018/2019 will run from August 27, 2018–November 1, 2018.

The New Normal 2018/19 continues to build on the work of previous years surrounding planetary-scale computation, logistics, platform design, and emergent networks of value. This year, we shift our focus particularly towards the investigation of algorithmic governance, automation, landscape scale, and alternative models to dominant posthuman discourse.

The program is designed for young designers in the fields of architecture, urbanism, film, interaction design, software design, humanities and social sciences, game design, economics, and others.

The New Normal runs for five months, combining intensive studies in Moscow with research trips within Russia and abroad. Strelka’s experimental program employs tools and approaches from a wide variety of disciplines and mixes seminar, studio, and technical workshops in an alternating sequence of modules that closely link conceptualization and prototyping, one folding into the other.

The program re-conceptualizes urban design to include not only architecture and masterplanning, but also experience, interaction, and economics. Each final project is not only an urban design proposal, but also a provocation on what urban design may propose.

The New Normal is designed and led by Program Director Benjamin H. Bratton, a design theorist and author based in California. In addition to Bratton, The New Normal faculty also includes Liam Young, Keller Easterling, Ben Cerveny, Metahaven studio, Lev Manovich, Etienne Turpin, Rival Strategy, Armen Avanessian, Nicolay Boyadjiev, and many others.

The program is tuition free, and participants are provided with a monthly stipend. All courses and lectures are in English. The program will begin on January 31, 2019.

Learn more about the program, see final projects from the previous year, and submit your application at

The deadline for applications is November 1, 2018.

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