10 design studios to follow on Instagram

Social media account as a design solution.

Many design studios take social media very seriously. Strelka Magazine offers you a selection of truly inspiring Instagram accounts.

@okrm_london. London-based design studio OK-RM, creator of the Strelka Institute’s corporate identity. On their Instagram you can see works for a J.W. Anderson exhibition, posters for a San Francisco contemporary art fair, and new covers for Real Review, a magazine about contemporary culture. 

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@bvd. BVD is a Swedish design agency. Simplicity is its core value. The clarity and transparency of BVD’s design work helps brands become comprehensible without losing their unique identity. On its Instagram the agency shares its design ideas for Absolut vodka, new Coca-Cola cans, and a box for the charity frozen yogurt brand Lycka. You may also find lots of beautiful compositions of simple figures and objects there.

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@clasebcn. The Clase team is based in Barcelona. Fun is the basis of their studio work process: employees like to experiment and question familiar things to create a unique visual language for each brand. On its account you can find funny posters, bright, colorful navigation around Barcelona’s parks, and covers for the “Made in Spain” catalogue, which provides an alternative view of Spanish culture.  

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@northdesign_. The Instagram of the London-based studio North. It has new exhibitions posters for the Tate gallery and the Southbank Centre, Farini bakery pictures, and the black cover for TheConqueror, a book about the history of Scotland.

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@javier_jaen. Javier Jaén is a Spanish graphic designer. His studio Instagram is filled with pictures of simple everyday objects taken against some strange background, from unusual angles, or with beautiful lighting. In addition, there are plenty of eye-catching covers and posters: here is a poster for the Barcelona Creative Commons Film Festival, and here is a cover for the Internazionale magazine.

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@studio_build. On Build’s studio account one can see their work for Virgin America airlines, a notebook design for the Arjowiggins publishing house, and you can also take a look at the Stow Brothers’ offices’ wooden interiors combined with neon signs. 

@studiospgd. SP-GD is a graphic design studio from Melbourne whose two general principles of work are aesthetics and utility. On its Instagram you can see a cover for the book Cook It Raw, table numbers for the restaurant Freddy’s, and sets of business cards.

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@studiofeixen. The Swiss independent design studio Feixen. The foundation of its work lies in attention to detail and various color combinations. On their Instagram account you can posters for the Nuits Sonores festival and Swiss movie trailers drawn to the smallest detail, as well as 3D models of figures in peculiar shapes.

@jetset_experimental. Experimental Jetset is a graphic design studio based in Amsterdam. Many of its publications are dedicated to urban life, architecture, and street design. In addition to this, the studio posts pictures of favorite album covers, writes about modern art exhibitions, and even shares second hand books they have found. 

@heystudio. The Instagram account of the Hey studio from Barcelona shows geometric shapes combined with unusual distorted fonts and pictures of employees. You can find an amusing poster for the Independent coffee festival in Barcelona, a poster dedicated to the sixtieth anniversary of the Helvetica font, and even a workshop at Strelka there. 

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